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Meet Chuckles The Red Fox Who Loves Her Humans
Posted about 6 years ago by brian
Chuckles the red fox is a happy girl. This is her reaction in the morning when she the first humans come to tend to her. It's not unlike a domesticated dog. She rolls on her back and wags her tail. Chuckles would normally be released back into the wild, but because of neurological problems, she has become a permanent resident at the Treehouse Wildlife Center's new facility in Dow, Illinois. The good news is that she also gets to play foster mom to fox kits that come into the facility. In this video taken back in July, Chuckles and two new fox kits get a new enclosure, so at first Chuckles is a little unsure, but the fox kits seem to be reassuring her that this is going to be fun. She then cared for the two orphaned kits as a foster mom until their release.

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