Why Do Cats Love Boxes?


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Cats love boxes. Big cats, small cats, big boxes, small boxes…doesn’t seem to matter to the cats. A box is a box, and a box = GOOD TIMES! So what’s the big feline attraction?

Cats enjoy the comfort and security of a small confined space, it’s like a little den or cave to them. Cats often like to curl up in a small confined space to sleep, and why not? Cats sleep 18 – 20 hours a day, so it makes sense that if you’re going to spend that much time sleeping, you should do it in a place where you are safe from attack. A box is a security blanket for a cat, and can relieve stress and anxiety.

It’s part of a cat’s instinct to be attracted to boxes. Boxes are a great place to hide from predators, but they are also a fantastic place for spying on the world around them. From inside a box, a cat can remain invisible to the world, while stalking prey…like tiny, little, furry secret agents.

Boxes are easy to get a hold of, are inexpensive, and often times totally free. If you order products online, or get a gift, you may notice your cat coming around to inspect the box. If you want your cat to enjoy a box, try putting a blanket inside, and their favorite toy or some cat nip. Never put your cat in a box as punishment. A box should always be a warm, comforting, happy place for your cat.

Even big cats like boxes!

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