UPDATE: Suspect Arrested In Quincy Massachusetts Puppy Doe Case


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It was a crime so brutal that it got national attention.


You don’t even have to be an animal lover to be disturbed at the brutality of this case. A puppy found in a playground that was in such horrible condition, veterinarians had to humanely euthanize the poor girl. She was named Puppy Doe. As the investigation unfolded we learned that Puppy Doe was actually a puppy named Kiya who had been re-homed on CraigsList.

Kaya was tortured and left to die in Quincy, but now an arrest has been made.


A 32 year old Polish man named Radoslaw Artur Czerkawski, was arrested on Wednesday (Oct. 23 2013) in New Britain, Connecticut. Police say that Czerkawski is being charged in connection with the “Puppy Doe” case. Channel 4 reveals that in August Czerkawski was living with and working for an elder woman who just so happens to live directly next to the playground where Puppy Doe was originally found.


Not sure yet how this will link back to the CraigsList add yet, but I will continue to follow the case for updates and keep you posted.

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