Thumper The Kitten Takes His First Steps With A Walker


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This sweet little white and black kitten named Thumper is a miracle. He was abandoned in a yard with three litters of kittens who were also abandoned and left to die. Luckily People And Cats Together or PACT rescued them.


Rescuers noticed that Thumper couldn’t keep up with his litter mates. He couldn’t walk or even stand for that matter and often dragged his rear end along the floor. He didn’t know anything was wrong, but rescuers did.

The vet said that Thumper had a rare neurological disorder, a disease with no cure. There was nothing the vet could do, but rescuers weren’t ready to give up on Thumper yet.


Rescuers decided to construct a special walker to help Thumper to strengthen his back legs and help him to learn to walk. With help from the walker, Thumper was walking and getting faster and his legs grew stronger.


It’s wasn’t long before Thumper could walk, without his walker.

He’s now available for adoption. Contact People And Cats Together or PACT if you’re interested in making a donation to Thumper’s cause or adopting him!

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