Australia Zoo: Rare Sumatran Tiger Cubs Are Significant Win For The Future Of The Species


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The Pet Collective and The Australia Zoo are thrilled to announce the birth of two amazingly beautiful Sumatran Tiger cubs.

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Both mother, Kaitlyn, and the cubs are doing awesome. For a first time mom, Kaitlyn is doing great and taking very good care of her cubs. The cubs are strong and healthy. All good signs.


The birth of these cubs is very special for several reasons. First of all, Kaitlyn is no ordinary tiger mom. According to the Australia Zoo:

Kaitlyn is considered one of the most genetically valuable individuals in the world, as she was born to a wild mother and captive father. With less than 500 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, the pregnancy is a significant win for the future of the species.

Nobody is more excited about the birth than Australia Zoo’s head tiger supervisor, Giles Clark. Giles said, “Not only will these cubs ensure the survival of the species in captivity, but they will also provide genetic diversity among captive tiger populations. Kaitlyn’s wild bloodline is an important factor.” So the birth of these cubs is vital to the survival of the species.

The cubs were born on Thursday August 22nd. The gestational period for a Sumatran tiger like Kaitlyn is about 110 days. This is Kaitlyn’s first live litter, but her second pregnancy. Sadly, her first litter was lost in the early stages. That was back in April of this year. The good news is that Kaitlyn’s health was not affected by the lost pregnancy, and as you can see she went on to conceive again and carry healthy cubs to term.

If you want to see these cubs in person, they will be on display at the Australia Zoo toward the end of October. Time to plan your road trip!

For now, the only place for you to see them is on our Australia Zoo Pet Collective LIVE Tiger Cam!


Sumatran Tigers are typically smaller in size, darker in color and far more striped than other tiger subspecies. You will notice when you look at mama Tiger Kaitlyn above that her marking is quite distinct.

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