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Sleepy Puppy = No Wakey

This puppy does NOT want to wake up. Watch as he tries his best to get out of getting up.

Keep On Rollin'

Puppies rolling down hills. That is all…

A Tail Of A Bodega Cat

New York is known for many things, like the hundreds of bodega shops that dot the city. This series from New York’s WNYC visits with the cats that ‘manage’ these bodegas and they get their inner most thoughts,...

Sneezing Puppies!

The cutest sneezing compilation video you’ll see anywhere!
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The Interrupting Lion

Conservationist Kevin Richardson, was trying to film a PSA about lion conservation for World Lion Day on Aug. 10. However, his co-host for the PSA, Tau, felt the need to get his point of view across as well and kept interruptin...
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Guilty Dog Apologizes

Charlie the dog does his best to apologize to his human sister for stealing her toy. He goes a little overboard, but we think she accepts his apology.

Fox Plays With Dog's Toy

Watch this hilarious video of a neighborhood fox playing with this possessive pooches toy. The fox looks to be enjoying himself. The dog? Let’s just say he’s not into sharing his toys.
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Fluffy Alarm Clock

Looks like this alarm clock won’t take no for an answer!
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Elaine The Snow Burrowing Cat

This is one cat who really, really loves the snow!