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First Walk! LOL

Watch as this 9 year old Bernese Mountain dog walks with its families new 11 week old puppy for the first time.

Beef Stew - Dog Food

Recipe’s that are healthy and delicious for humans and their canine companions
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Nothing Stops This Pup!

Just because he’s blind, that doesn’t mean that this doggy can’t play like the rest of his friends.
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A Game Of Chase

This kangaroo and dog love to participate in a rousing game of chase. You’re it!
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No Exercise For You!

This dog does not want his owner to exercise…
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Sweater Problems

This Dachshund never learned how to properly put on a sweater.


What’s YOUR Ultimate Kitten Video?
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Confused Puppy

This Boxer puppy is confused as to where his mom is!
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Cha Cha The Feeding Bird

Watch as this bird named Cha Cha, hand-feeds his buddies Kitten the cat and Skye the dog. Whats even more incredible about this group is that they are all rescue animals.
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Dog Adopts Baby Chicks

These chicks showed up in this pups backyard one day and it was an instant bond!