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Baby Monkey Is Best Friends With Jack Russell

A baby monkey that was abandoned by its mother has made a new family with two Jack Russell puppies. Watch as zookeeper Simon Jeffrey from the Port Lympne animal park near Canterbury, discuses how this friendship came to be!
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Sloth Burrito!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a sloth wrapped in a bath towel?
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Monkey Gets A Bath LOL

It’s everything you think it will be! According to this original post in 2011, Nala a black Capuchin monkey was born April 25th. While a sanctuary is built for her, she lives in Vegas with a caring family. Nala helps two ...
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Ham Cat

This cat is annoyed with food on his face, but in the end he’s the real winner of a ham dinner.

Just One More Treat.

I beg of you…
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Dalmatian And Kitty - Round 1 LOL

Lady the Dalmation and Squirt the kitten are very good friends. That said, sometimes Lady needs a break from Squirt’s WWF moves! Watch what she does to calm the situation.