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French Bulldog Conquers His Fears!

Rocky the French Bulldog had a fear of jumping off the couch. With a little coaxing from his owner, he finally makes the leap!
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Doggy Bath Time!

This is Jasper, a Border Collie and Australian Cattle Dog mix who was rescued from a shelter at just three months old. Here he waits patiently as his owner gets his bath ready after a hard day of playing at the dog park. HeR...


Benny the Bulldog is really into this intense game of peek-a-boo! Let’s see if he ever gives in, shall we?
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Flipping Ferrets!

Watch as these ferrets literally loose their mind as they play amongst packing peanuts!

Shunned By A Frenchie

This older Frenchie wants nothing to do with his little sibling. Watch as he totally ignores him and silently begs his owner to help him out.
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No Kisses, Please

This dog is having none of it. He just raises a paw an denies any affection from his master.
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A Meeting Of The Minds

If we only knew what these two were saying to each other. This is one deep and intense conversation!

Parrot and Dog: Battle For The Yogurt

This Parrot and dog won’t stop until they get control of the yogurt cup. That is until they notice that it’s empty! All that hard work for nothing.

Did You Ring? Awesome

Watch as Maddie the Dachshund learns to ring a bell with the help of her owner. He hopes to teacher her that ringing the bell signals that it’s time for her to go out. We think she’s a quick learner, but it might ha...
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Push-Cart Cat!

This cat can find anything to amuse himself with – including your standard pushcart!