LIKE A BO$$: 16 Of The Richest Business Cat Memes In Business Cat Meme History [PICS]


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Image macros are a dime a dozen, but the Business Cat meme… that my friends, that is forever furever. Between his striped tie, that starburst backdrop, and the workplace witticisms, he’s one of the cutest advice animals here on the Internet. Compiled below are 16 of the best examples of the form, enjoy!

1. “Climbed the corporate ladder. Can’t get down. Call fireman.”

Source: Meme Generator

2. “We’re going to have to think outside the box here… I just pooped in it.”

Source: Quickmeme

3. “Get back to work, guys… These couches aren’t going to claw themselves.”

Source: Smosh

4. “It’s time for your purrformance review.”

Source: Know Your Meme

5. “Deadmau5? He’s my client.”

Source: Cheezburger

6. “Hey, let’s go out after work. And then come back in. Then go out again.”

Source: BuzzFeed

7. “Started out as an intern. Was the office… copy cat.”

Source: Smosh

8. “Milk is for closers.”

Source: Meme Generator

9. “UPS brought an empty box. Cancel my 4 o’clock.”

Source: Memeshare

10. “I need you to stay late tonight… we really have to catch that red dot.”

business-cat-meme-14 Source: Smosh

11. “#YOLNT”

Source: Funny Junk

12. “Hate this job and want to kill myself… but keep landing on my feet after jumping from tall buildings.”

Source: Memeshare

13. “Yeaaahhh… I’m gonna need you to come in on Caterday.”

Source: BuzzFeed

14. “I’ll pay for the happy hour drinks tonight… just put them on my tabby.”

Source: Smosh

15. “I need you to get the ball rolling… so I can chase after it.”

Source: Meme Generator

16. “I noticed your resume right away… it had a picture of a squirrel on it.

business-cat-meme-16Source: Smosh

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