AWW: Mama Cat Nurses Pit Bull Puppy Rejected By Mother [PICS & VIDEO]


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Nolan the pit bull puppy was rejected by his mother and found a very unexpected step-mom in a cat. The good people of the Cleveland Animal Protective League decided to try something crazy. They introduced Nolan to a mama cat with a new litter of kittens. The mama cat accepted Nolan into her litter. Little Nolan is spending about 9 hours a day with his feline step-family.


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Keep Nolan in your thoughts. He’s not out of the woods yet. He’s only one week old, and that’s very young to be without your mama. The shelter workers are taking him home every night to make sure he is getting the best care 24/7.

It doesn’t get any cuter or sweeter than that folks.

Bottle feeding kitten moves his ears in the strangest way!